Thursday, February 16, 2012

Our "Snow Day"

This winter everyone else in my house has been dying for snow! The boys have been wanting to be able to go out and play in it. Phil wants to take his car out in it. Me? I'd be perfectly content to avoid the white stuff all winter long.
This weekend we did get a little tiny taste of it but they're all still hoping for more, unfortunately.
It started shortly before bedtime and we had just a dusting stick until the next morning so the boys could kick it around before it melted.
Arthur and I are in the same boat. We'd much rather just hang out in bed until the cold part is over.

Friday, February 3, 2012

My 3 Sons

Tonight I had a friend point out that I never announced on here what we're expecting.
We found out shortly before our crazy trip to Oklahoma for Christmas so we put it out on Facebook and promptly forgot to put out the update on here.
So if you haven't heard before now, we are indeed having a 3rd boy! We had spent a lot of time preparing our 2 boys with the knowledge that it could go either way and they reacted very well. Every day since then they have been anticipating him coming more and more! They love to feel him kick and want to help pick out his name and help get his room ready for him to come.
Next week I'll be in my 3rd trimester. It has passed by so fast this time! There is still so much to do. I'm glad we still have a few months left to get it done in.