Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bath time

Just thought you all would like to see them having a great time making a huge mess for me to clean up!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Josh's Big Day

I can't believe it! Josh will be 4 tomorrow. It's such an exciting day for him but still a little bittersweet for me when I stop to think about it. As far as I see it part of my job as a Mom is to do everything I can each step of the way to help prepare them for the day they go out on their own. Each of these little milestones reminds me there are a limited number of these before then. There is so much else for the mind to dwell on since we have a lot to get together before his party tomorrow, but thought I'd stop to take a minute to let you know just how much Josh has changed in the last year.
He's been potty trained now for almost a year. He is starting to try to read words ("J-E-E-P, that spells Jeep, Mommy!") He is learning to write some of his letters (see above). He draws actual objects rather then just scribbling. Taking turns is now second nature (thank you, Jeremiah). We even share sometimes! His fascination for PB &J has switched to an obsession with, "meat cheese sandwich." He can get himself almost entirely dressed on his own. Socks and lace up shoes are the only exceptions, really. He's come much more in touch with is emotions ("I'm not sad anymore, Mommy. I feel happy now.") Josh now LOVES to sing. He counts everything under the sun. He loves to paint and play and run. He finally understands hide and go seek! I thought that day would never come! Last, he's the most cuddly and affectionate little boy I've ever known. I love all the hugs and kisses everyday.
I wish you all could be here for Josh's big exciting day tomorrow. He's been counting down for over a month now!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Slight Change in News

Phil had questioned some of the details of those new orders he just got so talked with his detailer again and it turns out he won't be going exactly where we thought he would. Since I don't know how much of the very little information we know we can share, suffice to say that Phil will be on a brand new ship. You can't even search online to find information about it! Hopefully with time we will know more and be able to tell you all more, but for now we wanted to let you know Phil will not be on the Swift, but on something much like it.
loose lips

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

We're Going to Virginia

We finally have paper in hand saying we're going to Virginia. The orders are official now! We are free to leave here in July and have to report in Virginia in August. A little scary now, I'll admit. Just trusting that all this is for the best now!

Friday, February 15, 2008

I am Loved

Every now and then it blows me away all over again that I get to be married to this man. Phil tried very hard to have these sent to me while I was at work. With all the craziness of Valentine's Day, they didn't arrive until long after I was gone, but what a beautiful suprise to have on my desk this morning! See, around here Spring is still a LONG ways off! My moderate-weather-loving heart has been aching for some hint of Spring lately. What better way to soothe my spirit then with a beautiful bouquet of spring's finest (even if they're from spring thousands of miles away). Thank you for loving me in such extravagant ways, Phillipp! I love you, too!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines!

I've been trying to learn by trial and error how to work with ganache. Not a perfect cake, but a yummy valentine for the Love of my Life nonetheless! Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's day as well this year!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

No, I'll do it!

I'd like to know who taught Joshua the phrase, "I'm going to do it all by myself." Whoever you are, I'd like to have a conversation with you!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Chicago Auto Show

Yesterday we went to the Chicago Auto Show for the Centennial. Our friends Eric and Lisa went with us and we all had a great time! The highlight was the Nissan GT-R, I think. Love for cars is definitely a theme in our family!

Friday, February 8, 2008

The Big News

Phil just talked with the detailer this morning and she will be drawing up orders for us very soon! The plans are to head to Little Creek, Virginia for Phil to be stationed on the USS Swift (HSV-2) in August. The orders will be for 3 1/2 years. Here is an idea of the ship:

You can see more at the ship's website:
or here:
As much as we're not terribly excited about going to Virginia again, we're really excited about this ship and are feeling good about heading out that way for now. Please be praying for us as these moves take a lot of planning and preparation! We'll probably be listing the house as soon as it starts to get a little warmer here so please be praying for that as well! If you have any questions, feel free to email us or put a comment on here and I'll get back to you. This is all very breaking news so we'll be learning about it all right along beside you!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Certainly not the beginning and we haven't reached the end of it yet. It's miserable to be out in it but it's so beautiful to look at!

After note:
The weight of the snow today BROKE the very branch I took a picture of! Hopefully the rest of my lilac bushes that are mostly laying on the top of the snow now from the extra weight will survive until the snow lets up!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Cakes for a Cause

Made these for a youth group fundraiser dinner. Thought they ended up pretty nice. They're mini pineapple upside down cakes and mini flourless chocolate cakes with ganache. Hopefully they helped some kids make it to camp this year!

Friday, February 1, 2008

News from Virginia

Well all, I didn't get the job. Kinda funny that I'm not too upset, but I'll come back to that. We had our formal interviews yesterday which was each of us pitted against a 'round table' of 8 (I think it was) people asking us questions for a half hour or so. We did water polo for PT this morning (gotta love fridays in the military) and then we were told to shower and change and to muster later where they would let us know. Went in with the Master Chief (E-9) and he let me know that out of the 3 of us that screened, that I was the number 2 choice. So, if anything happens where the number 1 guy can't take it, they want me to step up to the job. Said that he would give my detailer a call and try and make sure that I don't get some lousy orders somewhere and would let them know that I am an alternate until the number 1 guy is fully signed off on by the CSO... A side note here, out of all the guys that said they wanted to do the job (not sure of the total number), only the three of us were brought here to do a complete screening. Thought that was kinda cool, and then to be the number 2 at least was even better. Asked what I could do differently next time and he told me nothing, that I was doing everything right, they just chose the other guy instead this time.Well, back to the other part....I really want to take the time to thank EVERYONE that said a prayer or anything of the like for me. I know I should not be too suprised, but I am at peace over this. There is still a very slim chance that I could still end up with the job, but even knowing that I probably won't, I'm at peace. I know that whatever God has in store for myself and my family is going to be great, mabye not the easiest job to handle (such is the military at times), but will be the best option for us. Kinda funny the way things work out some times... I can tell you that even up to the point that I was waiting outside in the hall (peeway for you navy/marine types), I was praying that God would give me the words to say, the correct answers for what I wanted to convey and so on. So, I am going to request that everyone continue to pray for now because my family and I have 5 months to be under orders and to prepare our house to sell in a market where it is impossible to sell in. I will stand firm in faith that God has things worked out even now and that things will fall in to place in His time, and nothing is impossible for Him! I can tell you that I will probably have bouts of flipping out between now and the time we get settled in to where we are headed, but I am confident that wherever that is, it will be the right place.Thanks again everyone,Phil