Friday, April 13, 2012

Sympathy for a Lost Cinnamon Roll

I wanted to share something that happened this week between the boys that I want to remember forever and ever. For Easter Sunday I made a bunch of cinnamon rolls for breakfast. There were a few leftover and when the boys had gotten down to the very last 2 in the pan it was at snack one morning. Josh being a fast eater had already finished when I watched it happen almost in slow motion. Jeremiah's plate rocked and he tried to catch it but was too late. The very last cinnamon roll hit his shorts then fell onto the carpet. The tears didn't come right at first, but they certainly did eventually.
Not knowing what else to do aside from snuggle him until he felt better, I hadn't even really noticed that Josh had taken off. A little while later once he was feeling a little better, Josh came back in the room bearing this:

It reads:
"I feel very sad for that BIG cinnamon roll that fell on the floor, but there are still good things that are like when you learn how to drive a car or when you get married or when you turn your first decade these will be fun once they happen.
your brother, Josh"

I didn't ask to read it at first. I was so impressed that my big boy would take it upon himself to try to help comfort his brother in a dark hour. Once I did sneak in to be able to read it, I couldn't help but snicker. I can only hope my boys will continue to comfort each other and help remind each other of the bigger picture for years and years to come. I am so proud of who they are becoming.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pregnant Pictures

We are just about 35 weeks along now and since I generally have babies on the bigger side, that means I'm feeling pretty huge right about now. I thought I might put together a few pregnant belly pictures I've taken for you to see just how much we've grown.
19 weeks 

 23 weeks

28 weeks

35 weeks