Monday, December 10, 2012

Crawling and Teething

It's been a week and we're adjusting, slowly but surely. Nathaniel has been changing already! The other night he popped through his first tooth and then the following night he started doing this...
It is what will eventually become crawling! He has very little interest in it. For the most part he's content sitting up and playing with the toys he can reach. It probably doesn't help that his big brothers love to corral his toys for him so he doesn't have to.
After the big brothers had gone to get ready for bed, though, he decided to venture out on his own to try and capture one of their water bottles. After a lot of effort he finally succeeded! I think he might be crawling before I know it.
We picked up a new toy for him that's for bigger babies than his other ones. He has LOVED it so far! He could spend most of the day playing with this thing.
The other two boys are up to things as well. I'll have to post pictures of those things later on. Being the only adult in the house with 3 kiddos and a long trip to pack for leaves very little time for things like blogging. :)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

It's That Time Again...

Phil just headed out on deployment again. The boys and I are adjusting well, all things considered.
We decided to go out to California for the holidays and stay for a while. We're looking forward to the company and diversion. For now we're busy holding down the fort and getting ready. One day at a time!