Sunday, July 26, 2009

Another Weekend in North Carolina

This weekend we made a last minute trip down because we found out Phil's dad, "Papa Pickle," would be there for a whole weekend! He drives truck and got a load in the area, so we drove the 5 hours vice waiting and trying to drive the many many more to his home state of Oklahoma.
It had been almost 2 years since the boys got to see this Grandpa, so they were pretty excited. Jeremiah was just barely starting to walk then!

All the kids love Papa Pickle and had a great time having him around all weekend. Of course, us bigger kids love him too.

Phil was able to steal some time with his Dad too, which is hard to come by these days.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Just Us

As I've said before. It's summer.
We haven't been doing a whole lot of scheduled or structured activities. For the most part we're just trying to hang out and have a good time being together. Josh is counting down the days to his first day of school just about everyday now and it's a constant reminder that these are the last days I have with him home all the time. Now that I have the car back I also have the freedom to do just about whatever we'd like during the day as well. We've spent a lot of time at the beach because of that!
In the spirit of keeping you updated on our life, here are some miscellaneous ones of us lately.
One of the benefits of having an early reader: Jeremiah asks Joshua to read him books so I don't always have to read "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" 20 times every single day (Jeremiah's favorite book that we've checked out at the Library probably 10 times. I still haven't bought him his own copy... yet). This book is actually a car book that they both really like, though.
We ended up taking Josh into the emergency room after I accidentally bumped his tooth while horsing around on our bed. Bad mommy, I know. Hasn't gotten infected yet, although it's grayed a little. He has a dentist appointment coming up so we'll have them take a look at it but from what I've read, it's probably either a bruised tooth or dead, but either way they'll probably just wait for it to fall out since it's a baby tooth anyway.
Phil found out about a car show going on in Hampton so we made our way through the tunnel. This was probably our favorite, though Mommy had a good time checking out all the Mustangs and Daddy had a good time looking at... well... just about everything!
Apparently a chef's hat is now mandatory wear for the little boy who likes to cook.
Daddy Dog-Pile
I think they got more of Daddy's genes then mine...

Monday, July 20, 2009

To the Unknown Woman

Just throwing this out there into the wild blue of cyberspace:
Thank you to the woman who bought Starbucks cards for the military guys sitting outside relaxing after a strenuous PT last week. Not only did you make us both feel appreciated by the recognition, but he will have an excuse to run by Starbucks everyday this week... and then some. He is one happy camper.
Thank you!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Impression Management

My slow down in posting on here actually has reasoning to it. It's my Mom's fault.
No, really!
Well, indirectly, at least.
When she took the road trip from Illinois to Virginia with us, a book she was reading got left behind in our truck. Since I'm horrible about mailing things back in a timely manner, I decided to start reading it. It's a great book! I'm still reading it, even though it's been more then half of a year since she left it and I probably could have returned it while she was visiting. But where is the fun in that?
In case you're wondering it's, "The Life You've Always Wanted," by John Ortberg.
It has taken me this long to get through this book. I've read a few other books in between and it's one of those books where the truths presented inside reach so deeply into me that I am afraid a quick reading of it will not do it justice in it's ability to change my heart.
So the part that I've been spending a lot of time thinking about lately is the idea of "impression management." We spend so much time and energy focusing on how people perceive us and the impression we're leaving on the world around us. It may be very noble ideas we're trying to represent, like being embarrassed when my kid is the only one in reading time at the library who talks about some TV show character (which obviously implies that my child watches more TV then theirs, making me a worse mom). Is it good for me to try and limit the boys intake of TV? Yes. Is it really the best thing for me to be so worried about how others see me that I feel the need to blurt out, "I'm not sure why he's bringing that up... we don't really watch that much TV." to the mom next to me? Probably not. It really doesn't matter.
I could give so many examples here! It's ultra-cleaning the house before company comes over so they'll think I always keep an immaculate house. It's being more irritated then I need to be when Jeremiah has a potty accident in public because that implies a lack of ability to potty train my child. All in all, I spend way too much of my effort trying to control how others see me, which really isn't in my hands anyway. I'm pretty sure that we all do this in one form or another. It's the conversation that goes on silently and quickly in your head, "what do the people around me think about me in light of this thing happening?"
So that's where I am. Trying really hard to be more honest and genuine even with all my flaws and mess ups. It's going to be a long journey, I think. Been trying to converse with God about it along the way. I'd really genuinely like to be more his kind of person and less whoever it is I'm trying to portray.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Summertime in all it's laziness and wet fun is upon us finally. Despite the fact that I haven't really put anything up for the last week or so, we have been doing things...
We're just still waiting for both of our cars to be fixed (hoping mine will be done today, actually!). I've finally introduced the wonder of the sprinkler (seen above, of course). We've also discovered our neighborhood association pool and the boys have fallen in love! Both of them are like little fish this year, not ever wanting to get out of the water. So that's the update on us. Nothing much going on. Just regular summer stuff. Hope you all are getting out and about and maybe a little wet so you can enjoy the warmer weather as well!