Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Just Us

As I've said before. It's summer.
We haven't been doing a whole lot of scheduled or structured activities. For the most part we're just trying to hang out and have a good time being together. Josh is counting down the days to his first day of school just about everyday now and it's a constant reminder that these are the last days I have with him home all the time. Now that I have the car back I also have the freedom to do just about whatever we'd like during the day as well. We've spent a lot of time at the beach because of that!
In the spirit of keeping you updated on our life, here are some miscellaneous ones of us lately.
One of the benefits of having an early reader: Jeremiah asks Joshua to read him books so I don't always have to read "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" 20 times every single day (Jeremiah's favorite book that we've checked out at the Library probably 10 times. I still haven't bought him his own copy... yet). This book is actually a car book that they both really like, though.
We ended up taking Josh into the emergency room after I accidentally bumped his tooth while horsing around on our bed. Bad mommy, I know. Hasn't gotten infected yet, although it's grayed a little. He has a dentist appointment coming up so we'll have them take a look at it but from what I've read, it's probably either a bruised tooth or dead, but either way they'll probably just wait for it to fall out since it's a baby tooth anyway.
Phil found out about a car show going on in Hampton so we made our way through the tunnel. This was probably our favorite, though Mommy had a good time checking out all the Mustangs and Daddy had a good time looking at... well... just about everything!
Apparently a chef's hat is now mandatory wear for the little boy who likes to cook.
Daddy Dog-Pile
I think they got more of Daddy's genes then mine...

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