Saturday, February 23, 2008

Josh's Big Day

I can't believe it! Josh will be 4 tomorrow. It's such an exciting day for him but still a little bittersweet for me when I stop to think about it. As far as I see it part of my job as a Mom is to do everything I can each step of the way to help prepare them for the day they go out on their own. Each of these little milestones reminds me there are a limited number of these before then. There is so much else for the mind to dwell on since we have a lot to get together before his party tomorrow, but thought I'd stop to take a minute to let you know just how much Josh has changed in the last year.
He's been potty trained now for almost a year. He is starting to try to read words ("J-E-E-P, that spells Jeep, Mommy!") He is learning to write some of his letters (see above). He draws actual objects rather then just scribbling. Taking turns is now second nature (thank you, Jeremiah). We even share sometimes! His fascination for PB &J has switched to an obsession with, "meat cheese sandwich." He can get himself almost entirely dressed on his own. Socks and lace up shoes are the only exceptions, really. He's come much more in touch with is emotions ("I'm not sad anymore, Mommy. I feel happy now.") Josh now LOVES to sing. He counts everything under the sun. He loves to paint and play and run. He finally understands hide and go seek! I thought that day would never come! Last, he's the most cuddly and affectionate little boy I've ever known. I love all the hugs and kisses everyday.
I wish you all could be here for Josh's big exciting day tomorrow. He's been counting down for over a month now!

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