Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Our Local Fire Station

Who knew such an adventure would come from such a frustrating set of circumstances?
This weekend I had made a cake for someone. I had made their baby shower cake last year so I figured this was someone I could trust. Somewhere in between my call to confirm everything and the day of pick up somehow a lot of confusion was inserted. When all was said and done I was left with a 2 tier cake and a smash cake and no one to pick it up or pay for it. I was so frustrated over the whole ordeal I didn't even take pictures of it. It looked exactly like the Elmo cake I had made before, so no one was missing anything by not taking a picture.
Anyway, so Monday rolls around and I still have this massive amount of cake sitting on my table making me irritated every time I see it. So we took it to the fire station. I hoped there'd be enough guys around to eat it up. I felt much better about that than throwing it in the trash.
While we were there they gave Jeremiah the grand tour of the place (Josh was in school). Jeremiah wanted to bring Joshua to show everything that he had missed so today we went back.

Joshua asked a million questions
 and Jeremiah wanted to see everything... twice.

Something about this age they are in. They're like little sponges.
 They want to know everything about everything.

Sometimes their inquisitiveness can be embarrassing but most of the time it's just adorable.

Well, at least to me it is...

And I'd like to think it is to most other people as well.

I think when it comes down to it, we know it's not going to last forever. This time of superheroes and legos and fire trucks will all too soon be replaced by things that are much more complicated.

So for now I'll take the fire trucks and the extremely inquisitive natures with the hope that somehow learning to navigate through these waters will help prepare us for the much more turbulent ones to come.

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Love you MORE! Mom said...

Wow, what great times and great memories for you all. You are such awesome mom to take the time to take your boys on such exciting adventures.