Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Story

One of the things we've done to help the boys feel connected to Daddy when he's gone is to write a story back and forth. Each will add a bit then we'll send it along and wait to get a new piece back from Daddy. We finally decided to bring it to a close the other day. Here is their story all finished:

There once were two little boys, brothers in fact that loved to have adventures. The brother's liked to run and to play all day long. One day, a very hot and sunny day, the two boys decided to do something really, really special. And so, they built a rocket ship in their backyard.

The rocket ship was sooo big! It was bigger than both brothers together, it was bigger than a car, it was bigger than their house, it was 19 feet tall! And can you guess what the boys named the rocket ship?
They named it Cranky. They painted it blue with red, yellow and black spots. Because they loved having adventures so much they decided to take a ride in their blue, red, yellow and black rocket.

It flew high, high, high into the air when they realized they forgot to put a steering wheel in the rocket. So it went down, down, down straight into a volcano! Fortunately the boys made the rocket fire proof.

Cranky crashed into the volcano so fast that the volcano erupted shooting the rocket and the boys back high in to the air. It was then that the brother's remembered that they had made Cranky and they could make something to make the rocket steer so they made a steering wheel and were able to fly the rocket anywhere they wanted to go.

But, the boys decided that they needed to stop at home to get their dog and some ice cream so they landed the rocket right back in the back yard.

The boys ate their chocolate ice cream with M&M's on it. They put their dog in the blue, red, yellow and black rocket ship.

When they were back on the rocket they decided that it would be fun to fly in to space.
They flew so high that they met an astronaut and an alien. Actually, they met a LOT of aliens! 19 of them.
They took their seat belts off and were able to float all over inside of Cranky. They had a lot of fun doing that!

After they were done floating around, one of the aliens asked if the boys would like to come to their planet that was covered in slides and swings and stuff. Their planet was one GIANT playground.
The boys went and played and saw that there were also houses there and each house had a backyard. The aliens in the houses had horseshoes and fireplaces and kitchens with ovens and bedrooms and beds in the bedrooms and hallways and some had stairs and computers.

The boys even had fun letting their dog and the alien's dogs play together and run around.

The aliens and the boys got hungry so the aliens got out their Halloween candy and they all had a piece.

After they all had a piece of candy the boys thought that maybe they should get home before their mom started to get sad that they were gone. So, they got back in to Cranky with their dog and headed home. On the way home though, they had to find a place to get some gas for Cranky.

So they stopped at a gas station. But not a earth gas station. A space gas station. It was an outer space Quick Trip. Then they decided that they had to go home but they went a little too fast so they had to stop a second time to get gas!

After stopping to get gas one more time, the two boys and their dog finally got home where their mom had dinner waiting for them.

After they had dinner and took a bath, they sat with mommy for a story and then went off to bed. Sleep well boys. Daddy loves you both!

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