Monday, May 16, 2011

Showing Off Artwork

I found this idea that I loved about a year ago. I'm pretty certain I found it on the website but haven't been able to locate it since. I thought I'd share our version of it here. I only spent 2 dollars out of pocket to make it happen and every time we use it I love it even more. This is how we display the boys favorite pieces of artwork.
We change them out every week or so. You'll find coloring pages or art projects or school work that we are particularly proud of in these frames.
All I did was repurpose some old frames that never made it to the wall in this house. I took out all the glass and backing, bought a $1 can of black spray paint to make them match and hung them on nails on the wall. Inside of these frames I hung another nail to hook on an alligator clip that I bought at the office supply store for another dollar. Voila! Perfect place to hang the things the boys are most proud of.

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