Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Peaches and Changes

Things have been brewing on the employment front. I briefly mentioned it here. The program I mentioned is called PTS and Phil was denied for the last time this month. We knew there was a good chance of his being denied. There is one more chance that we will be able to stay int he military- if Phil advances to Chief later this Summer. This is not a guaranteed advancement by any means. It's been an incredibly nerve-wracking time for us not knowing what to prepare for. We'll finally have a definite answer as to our possible future in the military by the end of the Summer. Until then we wait. It's difficult, to say the least.
Trying not to focus on those things coming up, we have been trying to find some fun things to do around. This weekend was a pretty nice one on that front. I found out there was a peach festival going on not too far away.
We headed there after church on Sunday. We stopped to pick some of our own peaches first. Phil had the best luck at finding the really ripe ones. I think he used his height as and advantage.
Joshua tried to do the same... but ended up with other problems as a result...
We tightened his belt a little after this. Funny boy.
I love taking the boys the find out where food comes from.
Joshua's latest enjoyment is finding all the bugs he can when we go. He's also found a few problems with eating while missing his front 2 teeth.
He's found ways around it for the most part, but watching him eat corn off the cob was hillarious!
Can you believe they didn't coordinate their shirts in the morning? They look like M&M's!
Joshua worked on his bravery a bit with Daddy's help.
Spent some time at a small town Peach festival. It was pretty cute.
We stopped on the way home to pick some very early blueberries. What did Joshua find? Bugs.

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Beach Bumz said...

Mmmm...peach cobbler anyone? I know you made some awesome dish with those peaches!
Praying for you guys!