Tuesday, September 25, 2012

These days.

Life these days has been good. The boys have grown so much over the summer and now we can enjoy the outdoors a bit more now that the temperatures are more comfortable.
The new soccer season just started up and both of our older boys have been enjoying that.
Joshua is doing well at keeping up with the other kids his age. I love that he's becoming more independent these days.
Jeremiah is finally out of soccer tots this year and onto a regular team which he's enjoying a lot. It's so fun to watch them all run around the field. He played goalie this last weekend and did a great job at it!
Little Nathaniel has been enjoying soccer as well somewhat. My guess is he mostly enjoys getting his Mom and Dad all to himself for a little bit.
Joshua has recently started martial arts nearby. He's doing very well so far!
This last weekend was also the Khaki Ball for Phil and I. It's been a year since Phil made Chief. It seems like a lifetime ago! It was the first time leaving Nathaniel with friends and he did much better than expected. It was so nice to get a night off and be a regular grown up for a little while.
Overall things are going really well! We're staring down the barrel of another deployment coming up so we're trying to focus on enjoying the time we have left together. With that in mind, each day really does feel like a gift.

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