Sunday, January 27, 2008

Phil's in Virginia

It hasn't even been 12 hours since we dropped him off at the airport and I'm already lonely. It has been far too long since we've hard to be apart. Not that I'm complaining at all! I've felt it coming for days and tried to do everything I could to make the time feel easier, but today none of that seems to be helping. We've already spent most of the day at church but we still came home to an empty house. Joshua is adapting well so far. He cried at the airport thinking we had "lost daddy" and Jeremiah hasn't noticed the change at all yet. Phil was fortunate enough to be bumped up to first class this morning! He has landed and checked into his room. He has a vehicle to use while he's there and has heard some good news about the possibility about getting this job. I'll update you all when we know more!

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