Sunday, February 22, 2009

Welcome Home, Daddy!

It had been two weeks since we saw Phil. Friday evening we had a box arrive that was a replacement door to our entertainment center. The glass had been knocked out but an unnamed boy <----- so I ordered the replacement. I had it mostly installed that night and the box sitting against the wall waiting to be thrown away.
Phil came in really late Friday night so the boys were already sleep. Saturday morning Phil and I voted for more sleep and less supervision and this was the result. We were awake really, but weren't ready to drag our tired selves out of bed... and the boys sounded like they were having fun playing in the living room. Not too quiet, not too loud. When we finally got up, this is what we found.
They had found the styrofoam packing and were shredding it on the brick of the fireplace. It was now in a million white little beads all over the floor... all over the house!
Lesson learned: When trying to sleep an extra 5 minutes on Saturday morning, at least turn the TV on or they will entertain themselves!

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MOM said...

They were just helping Daddy feel at home, in case he was missing the snow. LOL Celebrate the memories!