Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Children's Museum

Yesterday we took a field trip to the closest children's museum, about a half hour away. We had a great time overall only dampened by the hordes of daycare children running a muck making it hard to do some of the things occasionally. They had about half a city bus in there for the boys to drive and play in. Well, not really drive but the imagination is a powerful muscle for a 4 year old!

Learning about pulleys
We built a lego tower taller then Joshua...
then knocked it down!
Talk about a guilty pleasure! Look at that face!
I was most impressed with this because they came up with this one their own. I feel like I'm constantly trying to make them be friends, so it was really nice to see them acting like friends on their own.... even if it did eventually result in crying by the time they reached the bottom. Some lessons learned the hard way.
Can you tell our energy was drained a little bit by this point?
This ball floated in mid-air and Jeremiah thought that was the best part!
Joshua and Jeremiah 70's style
The part they both wanted to keep coming back to was the little store. I still have no idea how Jeremiah got that drawer to open!

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