Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Chrysler Museum of Art

Today we took a field trip to Norfolk to Chrysler Museum of Art and actually had a good time! I was nervous the whole time we were getting ready expecting that the boys would not get it at all and I'd spend all my time and attention there wrangling them and trying to force them to be cultured. They actually were quiet for the most part and appreciated all the different kinds of art represented there. Go figure! The first picture was Joshua's favorite. It has numbers in it, of course!

This was Jeremiah's favorite because of the toes. I don't know either.

They had a little area for you to try and draw your favorite picture. The boys didn't do so hot on copying, but I'm just fine with their original creations!


Ginger said...

I absolutely LOVE this posting, Nicole! The activity piques my interest, of course, but it's the expressions on your boys' faces that are so COOL!!! Good for them, learning how to appreciate fine art!

Amber said...

Little works of art! Great idea!!!

Anne said...

Hey Nicole - You've been in my thoughts a lot over the last week and I just want you to know that we miss you a lot and are praying for you!!!!!!

Hi Josh and Jeremiah!