Monday, January 19, 2009

Introducing Sun and White

Today we welcomed a couple new beings into our home to take care of. We'd like to introduce to you Sun and White. They are our new fish. Sun is the gray one and White the red one. I know. In my defense, I didn't name them. The irony is almost overwhelming, isn't it? These are the fish they picked out to be their first official pets. Hopefully we can keep them alive a while! Joshua picked his because it's eyes look like they glow and Jeremiah liked the color of his. At first I was pretty certain his name was going to be Mine, but then suddenly Jeremiah changed his mind. It's interesting watching these two little boys grow up and develop their own personalities. Where do they get these things?
Tonight Joshua informed me that he needed to go to the bathroom everyday because at our old church he didn't chew his gum. He ate it and Miss Dawn told him he had to go potty everyday. I have no idea what brought that up or where it came from, but it's good to know, I guess. Hope that adds the same level of weirdness to your day as it has to mine!

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Kaci said...

I definitely have my own little weirdo! This morning she insisted (as much as a one year old can) on wearing her sunglasses around the house. It's gray as all get out outside, but she had to wear them!