Saturday, January 8, 2011

Operation Paperback

While Phil was still deployed I heard about this organization:
I signed up for a box for the boys (since we can never seem to get enough reading material around here). This evening a knock came to my door. It was our postman carrying a box FULL of books for us!

We won't be able to use every single one of them (the Goosebumps series I think may still be a bit much for Joshua) but there are a lot of fun ones in there. Some of them I wouldn't have picked out myself but the boys seemed interested in.
There were a LOT of books! I read the letter that came with it to the boys. Here's the important part:
"These books are a gift from supportive citizens around the United States. It is our way of saying thanks to military families for the incredible sacrifices they make every day."
Funny thing is the boys don't really realize they've made any sort of sacrifice. They will some day, though and I'm hoping that things like this help them realize that people are grateful for the things they've given up.
There was one that was a favorite of the boys. We have some geekiness issues over here.

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