Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Aquarium

We headed to the Aquarium today for the last time for a while. Our membership there expires tomorrow and since we don't know what'll be happening in 3 months... let alone an entire year from now, it doesn't make sense to renew it.
We had fun anyway. We've been able to go many times this year. A lot more than if we didn't have the membership, which was the idea.
Can you see Jeremiah teeny face trying to peep over? You couldn't see Jeremiah at all the first time we went to this Aquarium and Joshua was about Jeremiah's height. They've gotten so much bigger since we got here! 
This would be the boys perspective of the world if they were blue crabs. I'm kinda glad they're not, though. :)
So now we officially don't have a museum membership for the first time since right after we moved here. It's kinda sad but how life is these days. Glad there are a few free museums we can go to this summer to make up for it!

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Ginger said...

Wow, these pictures are just the COOLEST!! If I were the museum folk, I'd want some of these for my advertising materials! Say hello from me to the lads...