Saturday, July 30, 2011

Reptiles and Bees

In the last couple of weeks we've had a couple of really neat experiences. 
Yucky long snake that Mommy wouldn't touch.
The first was at our nearest library. I just happened to see they had something going on at the library we were planning on taking our books back to one day and just barely got the boys signed up before we left for the morning.
Baby crocodile
We learned all sorts of things about spiders and snakes and mice and crocodiles. My personal favorite also happened to be the least threatening... the tortoise.
Then last weekend I heard about an even with the Beekeepers Guild of Southeastern Virginia. They were uncapping their hives to extract the honey. 
One way to uncap the honey.
Ever since Joshua was stung back in Illinois he has been extremely afraid of bees. To try and help with that this year we studied about bees. 
Another way is to use a pick from 1990, apparently.
We read several books on the subject and now Joshua is extremely interested in bees (mostly of the honey variety... as apparently all the other ones are just mean).
Hives full of honey.
The entire process was really interesting and the boys even got to try a couple of different types of honey. The volunteers there were more than willing to answer the questions the boys had about the hives, bees and honey. 
Empty after all the honey has been taken out.
I love it when the boys show interest in learning things on their own. I can't help but look forward to all the other things they'll want to learn as they get older.

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