Friday, September 11, 2009

Joshua's First Day

This week was Joshua's first week of Kindergarten. So far he is loving it! We have only had one incident so far that got him upset. Today on the way home he didn't have anyone to sit next to on the bus and that made him lonely. Other then that, he's happier then ever to get up and ready for school every morning. I know this won't last forever. Neither will the huge excited hugs when he first gets off the bus because he really is genuinely that excited to see me.
Jeremiah is adjusting (if only awkwardly) to being an only child for a few hours each morning. At first he was excited, but he's gone through a whole roller coaster of emotions this week, most of which land him happily cuddling me on the couch. For the time being, I'm completely alright with that.
Today we're getting ready to make a trip to California for the wedding of a friend of mine from High School. Although the timing could have been better for Joshua's schooling, we're excited for the trip away anyway. So because the camera is already packed away and I didn't get to it earlier this week, you'll have to settle for a link to see the pictures I took from Joshua's first day.

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