Thursday, January 21, 2010

7 Years Ago

7 years ago today Phil and I got married. Our wedding had been planned for May 2 years prior but things were a bit different then. 2 months after we got engaged the Sept 11 attacks happened. The rest of our engagement was spent learning to live life differently because of what happened that day. It was even more exaggerated for us because Phil was in the military. Phil made a full 6 month deployment during our engagement. After he returned we thought he would be home for long enough to be at the wedding without complication. Unfortunately, we found out that Phil would be going out to sea with no definite knowledge of when he would be returning. We thought there was a good chance he'd miss our May date. So I flew out to Virginia less than a month after we had just parted and a couple days later we got married (had to wait for the right offices to be open).

The next morning we woke up super early in the morning. I flew back to California and Phil returned to the ship and headed out to sea.

Believe it or not, he came back in a few weeks. Life returned to "normal" and we proceeded with our May date for the wedding.
And then the best part. Happily Ever After.

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