Thursday, January 7, 2010


We have a new addition to our family tonight. His name is Arthur Dug Pickle (the boys, of course, helped to name him).

The Arthur part comes from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (author of Sherlock Holmes) and Dug comes from the movie "Up."

So far he's fitting right in. He's still recovering from his surgeries today and will be for probably the next week or so but the boys are so excited to have him around.

 Arthur is a pure bred basset hound we found at our local SPCA. He's a gentle guy- the first one we've visited with independently that didn't scare Jeremiah. We're pretty sure Jeremiah must smell like bacon because a lot of dogs seem to give him way more attention than he wants.

As you can see, things with Jeremiah are going swimmingly so far!
Arthur is 6 1/2 already but bassets live to be around 10-14 years on average so we still have lots of time left. We've been waiting for him to be ready for us to pick him up for over a week. We visited him several times in that time so he already feels like part of the family. At the moment, he's actually sleeping right behind the chair I'm sitting in.
I'll leave it at that for now, but I'm sure you'll hear more about our adventures with Arthur... or as Jeremiah calls him "Arfer."

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