Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Portsmouth Adventure

For some reason our school district decided to give us 4 half days. For us that makes for half half days. Josh goes to school for about 2 hours then comes back home. Honestly, it's pretty irritating. I hope the school district has a good reason for doing it.
Either way, we've decided to make the best of it. This week we headed back to Andalo's Clubhouse before our annual membership is up next month.
Here's Joshua adding up the bill.
Jeremiah showing me what we need to get for Daddy
It was a big bill!
And what's more fun than building something up??
 Well knocking it down, of course!
I think poor Jeremiah got the brunt of that fun.

Since it was a nice day we stopped by a couple of other museums in Portsmouth that are covered by our membership. First was the Courthouse Galleries in Portsmouth that are in the same building as the Clubhouse. I didn't take any pictures since there wasn't a whole lot there and my hands were otherwise occupied helping to cut, glue and color cards for kids with cancer. Sacrifice easily made.
Next was the Lightship Portsmouth. It's a ship that was from 1916. You can only walk around one level of it, but I still found it fascinating!

 No, this is not a part of an officer's body. It's a potty... and we know that now. Good information to have, I think.
Who has the biggest room on the ship? The Captain, that's who.
This ship's job was to go out and help other ships. Unfortunately in spite of it's light, it was hit by other ships 7 times in it's life. 
I'm really glad we were able to get out a see a few things Thursday because the snow has kept us in all weekend long! I just got a call a few minutes ago saying school tomorrow will be canceled as well.  Hopefully the sun will be warm enough tomorrow to melt it off the roads so Tuesday things will be a little more back to normal!

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Ginger said...

That looks like such a cool place to visit! It's so fun to get out and explore when the weather's good....