Thursday, June 3, 2010

Everyday Stuff

The boys' new favorite brain-wasting past time is Mario Brothers. We limit their time playing and all... but even at their tender young ages they're amazing! Both of them have me beat! Joshua was particularly proud at finding out that he had maxed out his lives reserve. Apparently 99 is the highest you can get! Who knew?? Certainly not me. I do know what "continues used" means, that's for sure!
Today we took the crib both boys used as babies back to Walmart because after a little researching I found it had been recalled. With some of the money we got from that we bought a couple little toys. Jeremiah picked out this color changing Hotwheel. It's a little bumblebee.
 I know he'd be upset at me saying this (he is, after all a very tough and dangerous guy), but is that not the cutest thing ever??
And we recently located a toy that I can honestly say is what taught Joshua how to read clocks. I can't find a place to buy it anywhere online. We bought it at Target but it was a long time ago. We just brought it out again for Jeremiah to learn with it. Believe it or not, apparently it's still a fun toy for Joshua too!

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