Sunday, May 30, 2010

Williamsburg Again

This weekend passes to Colonial Williamsburg were free for military again so we took advantage.

The weather was really warm so the boys didn't last long but it was nice to at least get out of the house for a while.

I'm really glad that Williamsburg takes it on themselves to offer these free days twice a year for us. The boys are definitely a bit young to understand all that this gargantuan living museum has to offer. Each time we go they get something new out of it. This time we took the Children's orientation tour and went through a garden maze that they enjoyed.

They also found out that the brickyard had opened today so they helped to make some clay bricks.

This was so much fun! You work the clay with water until it's tough enough to form into bricks and then dry it in the sun. They're later fired to be usable bricks. This was probably the boys' favorite part!

We also found the plantation on property which was really just a little colonial style farm.

This part made the whole trip worth it!

We learned a lot about farming during that time. They have corn, tobacco and cotton planted. We helped look for horn worms on the tobacco plants (I use "helped" loosely here). We learned how vegetables and herbs where used as a homeopathic medicine cabinet. Did you know potatoes have antiseptic properties? Me neither! The woman in this picture told us all about it and even gave the boys some spearmint to take with them from the garden.

Every time we visit we learn something new. It was really nice to have a long weekend to take advantage of this. I'm definitely looking forward to being able to do things like this next year when they will be official field trips.

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