Saturday, May 8, 2010


Tonight we had a date. Phil was going to call about 6 o'clock so I could open the gifts he had ordered before he left while on the phone with him. That didn't exactly work out. We talked for maybe a few minutes and were disconnected probably a half dozen times. Not our idea of a good time.
So Phil decided to bite the bullet and pay for his own internet connection. So what happens then? Skype. That's what! We got to video "chat" with Phil. I use these "" because we did most of the talking. Phil had the other guys who were asleep in his tent to consider.
This picture makes me really really happy.
The end.

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Love you MORE, Mom said...

So happy that you guys were able to connect today and at least got to have a few happy moments. So share, what did you get for Mother's Day??? Happy Mother's Day BTW