Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Daddy's News for Today

I apologize in advance. Because of being separated for this deployment we decided to keep Daddy in the loop for the things that go on around here using the blog. As a result of that you will be seeing more updates than normal and they will probably be about more day-to-day occurrences. We hope it's not a bother. No? You like hearing about every minute detail of our lives?? Good! Now here we go!

We made a box to send to Daddy today (who accidentally left behind his entire toiletry bag). Since there was a little space left in the box we filled it with a few fun things. We'd tell you what all we put in, but that would kind of ruin the surprise. I will tell you one special thing that we put in. Jeremiah wrote his name for the very first time today!
He's been hinting at wanting to learn how to write letters. We got him a little writing book for Easter. He finally decided to pick it up today. When I asked him to write his name at the bottom this is what he did! We sent it to Daddy.
 Tonight was a musical program at Joshua's school. A word from the now wiser, 5th grade strings... not so good for those who have any sort of appreciation for pitch. Yowsa! The Kindergarten music part was cute! They incorporated drums and motions. This is the best picture I got of Joshua.
Here is the 2nd song his class did:

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