Thursday, May 27, 2010

What a Day!

Yesterday there was another knock at my door. I'm starting to get used to this!
This time it was another super special delivery! I opened the door to a white styrofoam box from Omaha Steaks.

Can a girl get any more spoiled??

Jeremiah couldn't help himself. He opened it right up! We found steaks and chicken and burger and potatoes... and the crowd favorite around here: Hot dogs!!
The person who sent this amazing gift to me I have known my entire life. I miss seeing her quite a bit.
She passed along through my Mom that she had sent this to let me know that she's thinking about me and the sacrifices I am making.
Now here is where I try not to cry (even though you wouldn't see me even if I did). It's so easy to feel like you become invisible during times like this. There are a lot of organizations out there doing what they can to help families back home and that's great. For me, though, it is a whole different animal when someone I know personally recognizes the struggle we're going through as a family.
I'm not sure what else to say other than Thank you, Mary, for this amazing gift. It means so much more than just help with figuring out what's for dinner. I'll be thinking of you every time we eat something you sent... and I can't wait to start because I hear this stuff is delicious! You are amazing!
Oh and P.S.
The dry ice that came in the box was a lot of fun too!

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