Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Around the House

On the nice weather days the boys and I have been doing a big of work outside the house. Our space here is quite a bit smaller than the house we had in Illinois. Some days it's hard to be grateful for the space we do have. Right after we've finished some sort of project around here, though, my view of the whole place changes. Here's what I finished about a week ago:

All I did was add some stepping stones down the middle of the rocks so I don't try to break my ankle every time I walk to get the hose. It was my dads idea and I love it. Also means I can get the hose barefoot. Double bonus!
Oh the boys helped me spread some fresh mulch and pull some weeds too. So... if you see mulch in the rocks and weeds that need to be pulled I'm blaming it on them!

Before Phil left we bought a few more clay pots and they were all just full of dirt last he saw them. Well now they're adorable! That's my little baby Basil. Isn't it adorable??

Can an herb be adorable?? I don't know. If they could, this one would win.
Now I want pizza. Something about the time we spent in Italy. Every time I see fresh basil leaves I want pizza. Not the American greasy oily stuff. The delicious straight-out-of-a-brick-oven stuff.
I miss Italy.

Anyways, back to dealing with the 3 year old who no longer believes that naps exist. Maybe I'll go sniff my lavender first. That should help, right??

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