Saturday, May 8, 2010

Keeping Close to Daddy

Yesterday morning we woke up to find an email from Daddy for all three of us! The boys both took some time to write Daddy back.
Then today I found the best thing ever! Long long ago Phil had this cross he wore just about every single day. One would be hard pressed to find a picture of Phil in his teenage years without this cross on. I just happened across it in the kitchen today. Odd, I know. I don't know why our house is organized the way it is. I blame it on elves.
 Either way, I found that necklace and another that Phil had when we first got engaged... or shortly thereafter. Sometime around in that time frame. I let each boy wear one of Daddy's necklaces today.
I have to tell you, I got a little choked up. The boys have this really fun remedy for moments like this.
They fight.
 So while I'm taking my very cute pictures of my boys wearing Daddy's old necklaces, they fight over who is going to be in the front of the picture. It wasn't necessarily on purpose. They're brothers. These things happen. I fixed it though. Here's Jeremiah's moment:

(try not to notice the top left corner... or the red shirt that is trying to quickly insert itself into this picture... It's not really there. It's only your imagination.)
And because I guess we're into equal opportunity humiliation in the Pickle home these days, Josh took a few pictures of Mommy. Had to help him out a bit with this one, but here you go:


Ginger said...

Josh is a great photographer in the making. The lighting is lovely and you look superb. :) I like the necklaces on them. What a nice way to feel closer.

Phillipp said...

You do look very good in that last photo, Babe. I love you!