Sunday, May 9, 2010

Introducing Stanley

Before Phil left he had a genius idea to stay connected with the boys while he's gone. We made a Flat Stanley. Usually this would be something introduced later on in elementary school but it works so we're using it. We made Stanley in an outfit that will help him fit in over there. We took a picture with him and the boys before he left with Daddy. Jeremiah wanted his cars in the pictures. I don't understand but complied. Stanley left with Daddy last Saturday and this morning we were able to get some pictures of the places Stanley has been in the last week.
He spent a lot of time on a plane with Daddy's friends.
He took a break on the bed Daddy had for a few days at a place they stayed at. Drink lots of water, Stanley!

He must have been really anxious to get going... he was waiting on the door!

Finally Stanley arrived at his destination! A relatively comfortable cot in a tent.

At least he's got a little A/C and a comfy place to sleep. I wonder what Stanley might do next...


Love you MORE, Mom said...

What a great idea! Can't wait to read about and see his adventures.

Jessica Paisley said...

Did you draw your Flat Stanley or did you find a template somewhere?