Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Getting a Head Start

We decided a long while ago not to worry about putting the boys in preschool. We do our best to get them in social situations with other kids and I teach them the rest of what they will need to know from home.
This year we took that decision a bit further and have decided to keep Joshua home from school next year and begin homeschooling. We're not doing this because we're religious nuts or because what his school is doing is so bad. Joshua is just way ahead for his grade and isn't being challenged in a way we would like at school. He can't be tested for the gifted program offered by our district until after 1st grade which is another entire school year away. So, we're going to join the ranks of the weird ones and be homeschoolers.
We've picked up some textbooks and supplies. We're just about ready.


Ginger said...

Yay for you! There are loads of homeschooling families out there, so you're not weird. I think you'll have fun. More importantly, so will Joshua. :)

Kaci said...

I like this idea. I may do it myself. Emmie is so smart, I'd hate to see her intelligence wane because she wasn't being challenged.

I admire it, it's not going to be easy! Can't wait to read more!