Saturday, June 19, 2010

Father's Day Tweaked

Usually on Father's day the boys and I would get up and make something delicious to make Phil eat in bed.
We'd give him gifts and loads of hugs and kisses... tell him how much we love and appreciate him. We'd do something really fun and enjoy our day together.
 This year will be different.

 Weeks ago we already sent a few little gifts and a card. There will be no fun trips or quality time.

Last night when I started thinking about all that, I decided we'd do something to show Phil that even though this Father's day won't be our normal traditions we still love him and are very proud of what he's doing.

So we took some pictures.

We can't do anything to help take away the heat or the flies or make him a yummy breakfast or give him a fun day but...
Well, hopefully this can at least make the day a bit better with the reminder of how much we love him and how much we're proud of him.
Phillipp, the boys wanted to say something to you for Father's Day,
"Happy Father's Day! We wish you were here to play Super Mario Galaxy 2 because you will be a pro. We miss you so much and we love you sooooooooooooo much!"
Jeremiah would also like to add that he loves his alphabet. He wanted to type it to you.


Anne said...

LOVE the pics nicole!

Ginger said...

What an absolutely gorgeous post!