Friday, July 2, 2010


The boys have always loved to paint. Me? Well, painting makes a lot more work for me. Not a huge fan of mess.
However, I've taken on a project involving painting and I hope it turns out well.

We picked up a couple canvases and a small pack of oil paints the other day.

I was nervous but the boys loved painting. Jeremiah said, "I wish I could do this all day!"

Which of course did not last. About a half hour in he was done and ready to do something else fun.

Because we used oils it will take forever to dry so hopefully it turns out alright when it finally does dry and you'll get to see our final creation. I like it. The boys did a good job. It'll be on our fireplace for a little while at least. We have one more canvas left. Maybe on the next one I'll let them use whatever colors they want. Now that would be a site to see!

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Your Mom loves you MORE said...

What a great idea. They are so cute. Tell them Nana wants one but they have to cover the entire board with paint. I would hang it in my office. :o)