Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day #6: Fishing

Today Verna and Randy decided to take the boys on their first little fishing trip.

We all had a great time!

We didn't catch anything worth taking home but the boys sure had a good time catching the ones they couldn't!

Both of the boys caught several fish. Our attempts to find the big ones were in vain, though.

We will go and try again.
 This was such a fun experience and such a good practice for them at learning patience.

Even the worms were fun!
Do 3 year olds need finishing licenses? Looks like I'll be finding that out in not too long.
It was a super hot day and the boys didn't last as long as any pro fisherman might, but it was a wonderful first experience for them.
They caught a lot of fish, learned how to stand (or sit) there with their poles and kinda got a first idea of what fishing is like.
When we came home, though, their first idea was to go to the pool to cool off. Then it started raining! After such a fun long day we all slept really well!

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