Thursday, July 8, 2010


I love legos! The boys love them too. Sometimes I wonder if I love them more than they do. Is that weird?
The last couple days we've been on a build it/make it kick.
The legos have been out, our craft box has been out, my kitchen is a wreck! It's all good inexpensive fun for the summer, though.
The boys both asked me to take a picture so they could show these particular projects to Daddy.
Josh built a sailboat from a project thing in Lego Club Jr magazine that we got for free with some lego pack we got sometime.
Jeremiah's was one he created himself. He was particularly impressed with the propeller in front.
We also all agreed this morning that we miss Daddy quite a bit today. Maybe all this making projects and all is just our way of distracting ourselves. I'm good with whatever works.

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