Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day #4: Tulsa, OK

In spite of how late the boys got to bed last night, they were still up and at 'em bright and early!

Auntie Verna and Uncle Randy had the bright idea of taking us to the local farmer's market. What a good idea!

There was this bakery with these pastries....

I was really glad we went!
So the boys bought some flowers for Auntie Verna.
After lunch Phil's Grandma June came over to see the boys and had a nice visit.
 She spent some time with both of the boys.
Today we'll be going to have lunch at her house. In the evening after some of the heat had subsided we headed out to Claremore and picked blackberries.

The boys ate a bunch of them! I know that is shocking news.
We brought home quite a bounty considering how sparse the bushes were.
 I'm pretty sure we got the last blackberries of the season. This morning Auntie Verna made them into a cobbler that I can't wait to have later today!!
We came home and checked for ticks (not something I'm particularly used to doing) and had pizza and crashed. It was definitely a great beginning to our trip here. I think I like Oklahoma a little more every time we visit.

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