Saturday, July 24, 2010

Road Trip Day #3: Memphis and on to Oklahoma!

Even after staying up until almost 10 o'clock, my "alarm" (aka Jeremiah) had me up before 7 and getting ready to start the day.

Our first stop: Graceland.

How could we not go to Graceland? It's an American Icon! I have to admit, though... Elvis was one odd duck. Even in spite of that, I'm so glad I had the opportunity to show this to the boys and see it myself. I had no idea of the scope of Elvis' fame.
The boys actually seemed to really enjoy it and are walking away with a much more expanded knowledge of the man. I walked away with an Elvis cookbook. Fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches, here we come!
Next we were off for the National Civil Rights Museum but needed lunch first. Tyler pointed out this place:

Boy, were we ever lucky to find it! Awesome chicken in the most unassuming location... and walking distance to the museum!

We headed off to the museum after washing our greasy hands and patting our full bellies...
I don't have many pictures since photography wasn't permitted but I found the place really interesting and lead to a lot of good discussions with the boys about discrimination and segregation and why people can believe things are really true that aren't.

In the end, we took home a couple books on MLK Jr and Rosa Parks and a picture of the boys with their Uncle Tyler at the place where Martin Luther King Junior lost his life.
And thus began our drive for the day... all the way to Tulsa.

We drove across the Mississippi River and into Arkansas... and straight on into Oklahoma.

We dropped Tyler off here and headed off to Phil's Aunt Verna's house where we will be hanging out until we head back the same direction we came.

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