Thursday, September 18, 2008

News on the Move

Far be it for our lives to get boring!
While we were in Disneyland on the first day we got a call from our realtor, Brenda. We had an offer coming in on the house. This person was trying to take advantage of a program that is coming to an end in Illinois to help out first time buyers by asking the seller to pitch in some of the downpayment. After small negotiations, we agreed to this. She has offered our full asking price, but because we'll be paying on her downpayment, when everything is said and done we'll still owe our mortgage company to get everything in the clear. It's certainly not what we were hoping for, but we're starting to see that timing of it and the fact that the house is selling at all is a God thing for us. Because the program is coming to end at the end of the month, we have to close by the 30th. We arranged to stay in the house until the 18th of October, but by then is when we will have to move. We'll be looking for a place to rent in Virginia then maybe buy again in a year or so once Phil gets back from his deployment. Hoping this time we can make it a home we'd feel comfortable renting out when we transfer away from Virginia. That's too far into the future to plan for right now. Just wanted to update everyone on all that is going on with the house. We should be crazy busy with closing paperwork and finishing house projects until the end of the month (after we get back to Illinois, of course) then getting things together for the move that will happen in the middle of October. All in all, thank God (literally) that the house is selling. Please keep praying for all this as we have a lot of work to do to get our ducks in a row in the mean time.

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Amber said...

Now how cool is it that you all are away at the magic kingdom, and your house sells while you're gone?!? Praise the Lord!!!