Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Thoughts on the Military Wife

Last night I caught the end of a show on the History Channel that was chronicling the rather interesting life and relationship of Abigail and John Adams. I never knew what an interesting couple and woman I was missing out on! I have reserved a book at the library and have been doing some reading online about her. What an inspiration her life is!
This is from the White House website...
Long separations kept Abigail from her husband while he served the country they loved, as delegate to the Continental Congress, envoy abroad, elected officer under the Constitution. Her letters--pungent, witty, and vivid, spelled just as she spoke--detail her life in times of revolution. They tell the story of the woman who stayed at home to struggle with wartime shortages and inflation; to run the farm with a minimum of help; to teach four children when formal education was interrupted. Most of all, they tell of her loneliness without her "dearest Friend." The "one single expression," she said, "dwelt upon my mind and played about my Heart...."
Learning about this woman makes me want to be a better woman and reminds me of all I have to be grateful for as we approach this time of separation. John truly was the love of her life and best friend (something I see as being very similar to my own situation). She genuinely wanted to be with him whenever possible and told him so repeatedly in her letters. Yet, despite that, when he was away for work reasons, she kept her mind on the good things of life and handled what was necessary in his absence. The more I read of her and contemplate her, the more similarities I see between her situation and my own. Mind you, this woman married one man who became a president and raised a son who would later do the same. Not thinking I'm going to follow her in that. She was forced to spend a couple years at a time away from John where the most I will probably be asked for is a year at a time, and even that would be rare. If she could handle that with grace and dignity and even thrive in spite of it all, I think I can do the same. She has officially raised my expectations from myself.

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