Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Alright, let's start at the beginning. Our first day in southern California we were able to visit the Stillen headquarters. Here's what Phil had to say about it to some car friends of his:
"Kyle Millen is great! Showed up while he was in a meeting and he took and broke away from the meeting to be able to show myself and the family (which I was even more grateful for with his tolerance of my two little boys) around the place. I could go in to detail about the pallets of exhaust components and the cage specific for assembling the superchargers for all the models they service and so on... I was really impressed. Had some amazing vehicles sitting in there too! Kids were able to climb in to Steve Millen's 300ZX and I was even given the opportunity to climb in to his Ford GT (Amazing car!!!). And speaking of Mr. Millen, I even had the opportunity to shake the man's hand."

This is the 300ZX. Both boys got to get in!

Kyle Millen (owner's son) who showed us all around the place and one of their project Titans.

The Ford GT Phil was able to try on for size... It's definitely a size small!

And the car all of the guys were drooling over sitting out front. It belongs to Steve Millen. Nissan GT-R.

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