Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Another Update

So just other random news from us since we're still in summer mode. Jeremiah has recently changed his way of playing almost completely. It's all about setting up train tracks or "races" like this one.
He's also a big fan of Super Why! He recently picked this toy for his latest potty chart reward. He really loves it and wants to wear it all day long. I, of course, think it's the cutest thing ever!
Yesterday was my birthday. Nothing major, really. It came on the heels of a ridiculously busy weekend which made it much harder to celebrate then I wanted. So here are the boys making me a cake this morning. I let them do as much as they possibly could (I cracked the eggs). They picked the heart shaped pan and I can't wait to have a piece later tonight.
So now we're off on more business stuff we have to do today. Hope you all are having a nice and relaxing summer!

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