Thursday, August 6, 2009


Never before have I lived somewhere that had blueberries you could go pick (at least that I knew of). I've been meaning to do this for weeks and weeks and finally found the time today.
Joshua especially liked this since there were so many he could reach that Jeremiah couldn't.
Jeremiah pretty much went around eating all the ones he could reach.
We had a really great time doing this today! I'm so glad we got out and back before the storms started again.
Now to find things to make with our new blueberries!

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Ginger said...

Yum! Best thing is putting blueberries on your cereal! We just got two flats of them (nope, didn't pick them; Antoinette across the street had ordered way more flats of them than she needed) and I bagged them up fresh and put them in our freezer. We have so many blues now, I told Jim that no one gets to buy even one more blueberry without my permission. :)