Saturday, August 15, 2009

Contemporary Art Center of Virginia

Yes, I did it again. I can't seem to resist the urge to take the boys places young boys usually aren't expected to go. This is us at yet another art museum here locally. This one was fun and didn't take nearly as much time as the last one. It was all pretty much one exhibit. This is Jeremiah outside. I tried to crop it so it looked like his initials (JC).
The exhibit they have now is called, "The Art of Glass II." I know! If it wasn't crazy enough of an idea to take the boys to an art museum in the first place, you certainly don't wan to take them to one featuring priceless works of glass art! I guess I'm just that kinda crazy. Do you know we made it all the way through without breaking a single thing? I'm pretty sure the guards who seemed to follow us through the entire museum were rather impressed. Or maybe they were just relieved to see us go?
This one is my personal favorite. Several years ago this artist did a special event in my hometown. I got to see one of this wonderful works of art along the side of the road everyday on my way to college for months. I was so sad when they took it down. Now they've brought one here so I could show the boys. They didn't seem all that impressed with it for whatever reason. I was certainly impressed enough for all three of us!
I asked Joshua for his favorite, but he seems to be going through an anti-favorite stage. Or maybe a pro-favorite. His most common answer is, "everything!" Everything in the entire world is his favorite. Well, that is unless we're talking colors. Then he's blue and red all the way!
We're one favorite short because of that but here's Jeremiah's:
He loved telling Daddy when we got home about the baby on the rocket ship.
So a relatively uneventful trip to a very breakable exhibit. The boys had a good time and I got to feel a little more sane and civilized. I think we entertained a guard or two along the way. As Josh would say, "Bonus points!"

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Amber said...

I know that chandelier! That's a Chihuly!