Monday, August 17, 2009

We Were Soldiers (Wives)

This has been a relatively frustrating few weeks for us. We've received more bad news about the truck. We're still driving a loaner car (that neither of us like at all). I tried to start the process of using our "free companion airfare" we received from T-Mobile only to reach complication after complication. I finally got word tonight that we won't be able to use it at all which doubles the cost we expected for our trip to California next month. There are so many other smaller things as well. It seems like one thing after another has caused complications for us. It's all really normal stuff that isn't necessarily specific to us being a military family. Well, maybe it is a little.
It is the Navy that moved us across the country from my hometown so that it costs us a ridiculous amount of money to visit "home." Hm... can't come up with a way to blame our truck on the military. Shoot. Maybe it is just life! Either way, I finished watching the movie, "We Were Soldiers" while the boys were napping this afternoon. I really enjoyed the focus they placed on the families back home and everything they went through. Since I had a little extra time after it was over, I watched a couple of the special features as well. Here's my "suck it up" quote for the day.
I think people forget that these men have families and these families have problems and the wives are left alone to deal with them as best they can. And these women were really up to the task. They really were. -Julie Moore
This comes from the woman who intercepted telegrams taxi drivers were delivering to families of deceased servicemen so she could deliver them herself. Talk about a tough cookie! So yes, things feel rough lately, but really I can do this. I'm a military wife and we just do that.

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