Sunday, November 15, 2009

Andalo's Clubhouse

Honestly, this weekend... it's been horrible. Most of it I probably brought on myself because of my inability to shake a bad attitude.
There were lots of other contributors, though. First, our routine was completely thrown off by that nor'easter we got around here last week. They canceled 2 days of school added to the holiday already scheduled on Wednesday so 3 days last week Josh was home all day. On top of that, I had plans! We had several fun things to do on his days off and after school that all ended up squashed by the storm. Not exactly fun to go see farm animals in rain and 40-60 mph winds! Then even on Saturday it was still drizzling which ended my zoo-going plans pretty quickly.
Then there's the fact that Phil wasn't coming home this weekend. The past few weeks have been a somewhat regular (although irritating) routine of him coming home very late every Friday night and leaving partway through Sunday again. This week he didn't come home. We knew it was coming but combined with everything else the separation was even more difficult. Then there's the fact that at least one wife I know of drove down to where the guys are to visit over the weekend. We just couldn't put up the cost for that sort of trip, so it was out of the question.
So throw all those things into one pot with cabin fever and an irritable mommy and what you get is a super not fun weekend.
Today the weather was beautiful! The roads were mostly clear (aside from some tree debris and a couple flooded underpasses). We went to church and the Children's Museum. Actually, the Children's Museum in Portsmouth that we've visited before has closed for renovations. In the mean time they've opened a smaller clubhouse for the kids to go to. It was great to let the boys just play and blow off some steam while I got a chance to relax and not have to work so hard to entertain them.

Josh was really excited that they had some of the grocery store set up there. It's by far his favorite part of every children's museum we go to. I find this ironic since he's no huge fan of our regular grocery store runs. Even so, he filled his basket to overflowing!
This just cracked me up watching little Jeremiah try and lift this full basket up onto the counter. These must have been some older brothers hanging out but they had so much fun role-playing with the boys. Jeremiah's groceries cost 99 cents, if I remember right.
Then they have this area with foam bricks. It's great! We built up a fort and I dropped the boys in...
I couldn't even get a picture before they knocked it down! It was definitely good fun, though!
Tomorrow we're back to our regular routine again. I have more plans again, so hopefully the weather and everyone's moods hold up!

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