Sunday, December 13, 2009

Getting Caught Up

Alright. I'm determined to catch you up on pictures tonight. Here we go! This is before we left North Carolina. This ornament we made when Josh wasn't even 2 yet. It was going on my sister-in-law's tree. I just had to take a moment because apparently I like to torture myself.
In the one day we had back in town before Phil had to leave again we were able to find a tree and get it all set up. Not really any great pictures of this event this year, but we did enjoy doing it as a family, even though there is no real photographic evidence.
Jeremiah has started to take after Josh in his interest in our camera. I think this is the first picture he's taken on his own. He said he wanted to take a picture of me. So, if you were curious, this is what I look like to Jeremiah.
The FRG (family readiness group) had a Christmas party and do you know who happened to show up? Santa.
I know. You're shocked.
Well, the boys kinda were! We had brought cookies to the meeting and the first thing they did upon seeing him was run to show him our cookies. It seems to them Santa and the Cookie moster must be related somehow. It's not really about the presents. It's about the cookies. Right, boys??
Sometimes it really hits you how much bigger your kids are getting. Every time I look at this picture I have one of those moments. So... we'll just keep moving along, alright?
This is at the Change of Command. At Phil's squadron his CO (Commanding Officer) moved on to a new job and a new CO came in to fill the spot. There's a whole ceremony that goes along with this. I got to go see it. The girls with me are the FRG President, Vice President, former President and my co-ombudsman. Can you tell I'm trying hard to not squat? I'm working on being proud of my height. Haven't gotten very far yet, though.
That weekend was tacky sweater Bunco at Adri's house. It was a really great time! I had never played bunco before, but now I'm sure I will again. I had a lot of fun and met some new girls in the area.
This Saturday we took the boys to "Breakfast with Santa" at Joshua's school. Santa rode in on a fire truck, which is very cool, however we didn't actually go talk to him because not only did we wait in line for a good half hour for an event we bought a ticket for weeks ago, but there was an equally long line to talk to Santa. According to my records Santa already knows loud and clear what both boys want. Josh says, "A wii", and Jeremiah, "a big box of everything!" Not sure how we'll accomplish the latter of those requests, but we're trying. We got to see Santa from a distance anyway. Josh and Jeremiah really enjoyed the cocoa. Can you tell? I think it's the marshmallows.

So I'm off to bed for the night. Phil is leaving in the morning again. Leave (or time off) is coming soon. I can hear it calling already!

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