Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Joshua's Winter Celebration

Phil is officially on leave so I was able to go to Joshua's "Winter Celebration" (aka Christmas party) on his last day of school before vacation. He was so excited to see me there. Probably not as excited as I was to see him, though.

These are a few of the kids from his class. The one directly to the left of Joshua is a little girl that he is very fond of. Just last week I had a visit from this little girl's mom. She informed me that Joshua had kissed her daughter on the mouth. She was very nice about it, but thought I should know. When Josh came home from school and I asked him he told me the whole thing. He even told her he's going to marry her!
We had the necessary conversation about appropriate ages for marriage and no kissing and all that. He cried but has completely gotten over it now. He and Julie are still buds in the class. Sometimes I wish adults were that easy...

I know I'm completely biased, but is he not the cutest Kindergartener around?? Seriously. Marshmallow snowman. He even put the raisins on for buttons.

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