Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Date with Jeremiah

Jeremiah has been going to storytime at the library since shortly after Joshua started school once a week. Since they don't have storytime during the holidays, we found something a little special to do. Pre-K Art Time at the Contemporary Art Center. We got there early and found some fun things to look at and do even though it was FREEZING!

Then there was King Neptune. I have been wanting to go see him since we got here. He's huge!

There's a park right there too, even though we only stayed a few minutes.

Finally! It was time for his class. He was definitely torn between excitement for this art thing (he loves to paint) and worry that he wouldn't like it.

He liked it. Worry for nothing! We drew and pasted and stickered and looked at some of the art in their current exhibit. What a fun program.

Jeremiah remembered this from last time. He went looking for it! Asked if I could take his picture even!

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